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Thread: Time diff code
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I don't have any personal expirience with the DS1305 however I took a
glance at it. It seems that You could use one of the alarm register for
As you can mask out hours/days and only use minutes to trigger the
one of the int outputs ( whether used or not ) will be low even if only
powered by
battery. So at wake/startup you just need to check the status of this
pin and handle
accordingly, when data has been processed re-set the alarm to current
minutes +
10 minutes ( adjust to be less than 60 ofcource ) and away you go...
In each loop you just check if the pin is low/high.

Doesn't answer your original question though, but it seems like to way
to go there
is to convert to Julian date ( if you decide to go that route ). And
as a 24 or 32 bit variable depending if you want to be 'standarized' or
not :)


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