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Thread: 32bit block cipher
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>you can use also the "pseudo-one-time-pad" technique using a good
>pseudo-random number generator, and XORing the result with the text to be

I think that "pseudo one time pad" encryption could be very risky because
you are then at the mercy of the true randomness of your pseudo-random
generator AND the ability of its algorithm to resist detection.  I suspect
that most real encryption crackers (NSA, NBS, anyone with a spare Cray in
their basement) would not have too much trouble with most pseudo-random

TRUE one time pad is uncrackable. If you don't mind the inconvenience of
transferring the arbitrarily large key it will give you more security than
anything else around.

I am by no means a cryptologist but I suspect that using a very large one
time pad with some extra simple rules based on the pads contents as well
would allow you to use a finite length pad with fair security.

Depending on how much hands on input you can tolerate you could perhaps use
a true one time pad to send a message advising which mutually accessible
internet document to use as the current one time pad. This could be
something like a picture file posted by some completely independent 3rd
party on one of the "here is my photo albumn" type sites. If it was evident
to the "cracker" that this was your method and if they had access to all
your incoming internet data the method may be less secure. If you need
security against that level of attack then you should probably be in a
witness protection program :-).


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