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Thread: Surface mount components
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> >So is 100 = 10 ohms or 100 ohms? Most helpful - if please
> >explain logic involved in this decision. Thank you.
> It is the same as the colour banding. The last digit on the 3 digit series is a
> power of 10, i.e. 100 is 10*10^0 or 10*1
> for 101 it is 10*10^1 or 10*10  which is 100
> for 102 it is 10*10^2 or 10*100 which is 1000

Ha ha! That would scare our apprentices half to
death! As we tell the first year guys, "the first
two bands are two numbers, the third band is how
many zeros after it" ;o)

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