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Thread: Surface mount components
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At 12:23 PM 1/8/01 -0600, you wrote:
>> Regarding my specific question, this means 100 = 10 ohms?
>THIS: "100 is 10*10^0 or 10*1" means 100 = 10 ohms
>100 = 10 ohm
>101 = 100 ohm
>Which, naturally, leads to the question: How is 1 ohm represented?

Yes. Exactly. How about 100/100 = 10ohms/100 = 1 ohm. [I think
the logic must actually lie in binary, not decimal --> 01+01=10].

And thanks to everyone who answered: 100 = 10 ohms --> Gakkk!
[not that this is a comment on your answers, but that it is
a comment on what passes for supposed "nomenclature"].

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