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Thread: PC Digitizing Storage Oscilliscope
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Jinx wrote:
>> Does anybody have any recommendations for a PC Digitizing
>> Storage Oscilliscope, or just a regualr DSO.
>I've had my eye on the Electronics Australia Oct 1998 DSO. It
>has dual channel 20MSPS @ 8 bits, PC controlled timebase,
>vertical attenuation and vertical waveform position controls. It
>looks as though it could be built quite cheaply. Let me know if
>you want a schematic

Thank you for the schematic, sir. I was most interested in the
design of the analog front-end. This is always "the" major
difficulty with this kind of project.

The input amps can only accept Vin to +/-12v in direct mode, and
the protection for overvoltage [470ohm series R + diodes clamping
to +/-12v] is barely marginal. If you OV with 50v, you severely
load down the signal, and can drive large currents into limiter
resistors R20/R27 --> (50-12)/470 = 80mA --> 3W dissipation.
There goes your 1 Mohm input resistance down the hollow pipe.

- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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