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Thread: How to do timing in a VC++ windows program??
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> >For my high res timing in my PC programs I just
> >read (and poll) the PIT ticks, this is non invasive
> >and with one simple port read and subtract you get
> >exact time delay. I did 3 years as a PC games graphics
> >programmer and lived by the PIT chip.
> >I still live by the PIT chip now in my C programs
> >that use the high res timing to control/measure data
> >from the parallel port. :o)
> Under Windows??? I am aware of the PIT chip  and the methods involved for
> reading it, but to try and use this method to drive events in an event driven
> program would be, well interesting...

Ha ha! Who the heck in their right mind would
want to try and get high performance out of an
"event driven" environment!! ;o) No, I program
high perf stuff in dos C, and they run perfect
under a dos boot and pretty darn good under Win95.

I have some freq/period measuring stuff I use all
the time because I coded averaging and crude data
logging in it, and surprisingly under Win95 it's
not too bad at freq up to 10kHz. Notice I said
"averaging" as Win chews timeslice but it doesn't
often miss a pulse. But it only takes a few seconds
to "restart in msdos mode" :o)

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