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Thread: rapid switching between two composite NTSC signals
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> 1.  One separate signal per camera, simultaneously outputting both signals
> (one composite signal per camera).  I believe that these two signals have
> the same sync signals.
> 2.  One signal that is interlaced as follows:  Even fields from camera 1,
> odd fields from camer 2.
> ...
> SO...What [I think] I need is a circuit which takes the two in-sync
> composite inputs, and alternates between the two signals to output a
> single signal which is appropriate for the head mount display.

A stereo head mounted display already has two separate monitors, one for
each eye.  You should be able to use the two separate camera signals
directly.  The interleaved field signal is for single-monitor stereo
displays that require a screen shutter, polarizer, shutter glasses, etc.

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