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Thread: 32bit block cipher
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I don't have any information on implementations for the PIC, but I can
recommend to you Bruce Schneier's "Applied Cryptography".  It has
extensive, easy to read discussions of protocols and algorithms, including
examples of a  number of cryptosystems in C.

Applied Cryptography Second Edition: protocols, algorithms and source code in C
Copyright 1996 by Bruce Schneier
Published by John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0-471-110709-9

The book is exportable, but you'll have to type in the examples
yourself....  :)

-- Mike Bakula

At 10:49 AM 1/8/01 +0100, Germain Morbe wrote:
>does anybody know a short 32bit block cipher routine for the pic. The keylen
>need not be more than 64bit. I already saw TEA but its blocklen is 64 bit
>and key is 128. Therefore i think one could save codespace and even ram. My
>requirement is not extremely high sercurity but rather good mixing from one
>input bit to more (best 50%) output bits.
>Germain Morbe

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