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Thread: Anyway to create stable 115.2khz pulse
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William wrote:
> Hi!
> Now, I am connecting a crystal (14.7456Mhz) to CD74HC4060 (binary
> counter), and
> get a signal of 115.2khz for 4060 pin 6.
> And I like to know is there anyway to use a 555 timer to generate a
> stable, clean (sharp
> waveform) of 115.2khz.

No! 555 are very unstable even one cycle to the
next. For simple apps you can run the 555 into a
divide by 16 count, and with 16 or more division
per-cycle stability is ok (I have device that uses
this system).

Then you still get temperature/freq drift, maybe
you can work with that though?? Look for ceramic
resonators, there are a lot of cheap plastic
box types in the 100+ kHz range, maybe you can
get one?

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