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Thread: Decoupling App Note
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Morgan Olsson wrote:
>Any links or explanations to why they would break at lower voltage?
>What about zero voltage?  I have some 30 year old never electrified caps
and I checked they are still OK...

Probably NOT a good idea to use 30 YO components, "especially" caps, in
anything today. Back in the olden days [before I was born, BTW], the
floors of TV repair shops were littered with bad caps - died almost
as often as did vacuum tubes.

>I heard an guru once say that lagre electrolytics should be powered up
slowly first time, and then be held at nominal voltage.  As i understood it,
it would be because it could heal eventual cracks in the aluminium oxide.
>If it is because of cracks in the oxide, I find it more reasonable to
believe they wil heal more safely at lower voltage, but it is more risk of
violent destructive reactions at higher voltage.

The oxide layer does have a certain ability to regenerate itself.
You can probably find info on this via web search. I would
imagine this assumes the electrolyte hasn't totally dried out,

- danM

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