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Thread: Online C Compiler Service?
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I only think it would be of any use as a (free) way of trialling
software before purchase. I don't think any commercial user would
a) their source falling into the wrong hands, intentionally or
b) the risk that the service, net connection, or phone line would die
at a critical moment during development - the potential cost of this
alone would cover the cost of most MCU compilers.
c) that the service would still be there in x years time when the
product needs an update.
Xilinx seem to be trying to head this way with their FPGA software,
and if they try to force it I think it will come back to bite them
badly. It may be  appropriate in cases where a remote service can
provide more power for highly compute-intensive applications, like
fitting very large FPGAs, but otherwise all the above problems will
seriously discourage users.
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