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Thread: SmartData - New FREE datasheet search service from USBid!
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Please 'scuse their relayed "ad" - I'm on their mailing list.
This SOUNDS exceedingly useful - I haven't tried it yet.

     Russell McMahon

From: SmartdataRemoveMEspamRemoveMEusbid.com <SmartdataspamBeGonespam@spam@usbid.com>

>USBid.com Adds SmartData Search Tool!
>USBid recently added the SmartData tool to the USBid.com site. SmartData is
a unique resource for obtaining electronic component information. The tool
can locate Data Sheets, Application Notes, and other technical data for most
electronic components, both current and obsolete. Users can specify part
numbers or keywords as search criteria.
>SmartData is revolutionary, simple to use, and extremely powerful. It
provides quick access to the wealth of electronic component information
available for the electronic component industry. Simply stated, it is a
search engine, but one that reads inside the documents that you need, not
just the title.
>Another FREE service from USBid, the premiere online resource for component
buyers and sellers!

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Subject (change) SmartData - New FREE datasheet search service from USBid!

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