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Thread: BASIC Compilers and personal introduction
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I use either PIC assembler or assembler plus the ME Labs PIC Basic compiler (PBC).
The PBC essentially emulates the STAMP 1 plus some extensions and the PBPro emulates the Stamp 2 plus I believe quite a few more extensions.

The PBC is excellent for quick and simple tasks but gets out of its depth for multi-tasking or time critical jobs. The ability to peek/Poke which is not found onnthe STAMP1 adds greatly to its ability, its code is MUCH faster than a Stamp 1 and the extra features are useful. The ability to drop into machine language is excellent. However, interupot driven code MAY be possible if you don't use any of the time dependent instructions and are VERY careful but is probably stretching it a bit far.
I believe the PB pro version supporrts interupts but I have not used it.
They have an active list (about 30 messages/day) (or probably still do have - I'm no longer subscribed). I believe the producers do/did lurk on this list.

General concensus though would be that long term you would be better off using one of the C variants available for the PIC (both free or for $) I believe HITECH provide a freee versio of their C suitable only for the 16F84 which would be a good starting point.
Assembler is of course most capable of all (reaches for flame suit ....) but does take some learning on PICs which have a rather strange architecture (dons flame suit ....),


               Russell McMahon

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