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Thread: Acurate time interval and help with shift in out
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Peter May wrote:
> I noticed a posting just recently re a 1 second time interval. I need to a
> very acurate 1 second interval to output data via a serial pin at 1 second
> intervals. I was wondering if I would be say better to develope an external
> timer with a 1 second pulse to run an interupt?

Hi, try using a crystal in a freq that gives division
into even seconds, then use the interrupt on timer0
to give you accurate ints at 1 second or smaller.
This is covered well in the piclist archives I believe
but I haven't done it myself.

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You will probably need to learn the I2C serial
system, used by the most common and best value
eeprom chips. The way I tackled this was to
download and print out the 24AA256 (32k x8)
eeprom datasheet by Microchip. It tells about
the eeprom chip, and gives probably the simplest
and clearest explanation of exactly what I2C
does and what the commands make that chip do.
Many other I2C info sources focus on ALL the
master/slave combinations and it can get very
hard to understand. :o)

Once you fully understand what you need to
send to the chip to make it work it is easy,
or you can make it hard by learning ALL about
I2C. ;o)

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/time.htm?key=time
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