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Thread: Great (Cheap) LCD displays Active Surplus in Toronto
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myke predko wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I just discovered a really cool 4 Digit (7 Segment) LCD display here in
> Toronto for $2.00 (Canadian) at Active Surplus (South side of Queen Street
> West between University and Spadina).  It's the place with the mechanical
> gorilla out front nine months of the year.
> Their part number is "OPTREX IM50240".  The interface is a three serial
> shift along with a 50% duty cycle clock (30 - 200Hz).  Thirty five bits are
> shifted in for the display.
> I'm putting this up here because of the cost and how easy it looks to
> interface with.
> If you want to order one, check out Active Surplus's website at:
> http://www.activesurplus.com/index.htm

Thanks Myke, i'm interested in ordering some but
their web page doesn't have it?? All I get for the
different products is a blurb that they have "all
my needs" but no product listings??

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