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Thread: SCENIX VIDEO VIRTUAL PERIPHERAL DesignChallengeandContest
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05 Jan 01, Dan Michaels writes to All:

P> As the current resident xperk on video subtleties, maybe you can
P> help ole Jinx out. He was wanting to remove|overlay|delete an
P> onerous icon that his local TV station places in an obvious
P> part of the screen.

P> Ideally, I guess, he would like to "recognize" the icon, and
P> then make it blend_in|go_away|etc. Maybe you can comment.
P> [BTW, J doesn't actually know what an sx is, but just the
P> same ....].

We have this done some time ago with SX28. It is simple project, calling
"advertisiment killer" - it recognizes current logo from the stored library (up
to 16 logo) and switch off audio, when the logo disappeared during the
commercial break. Sorry, only Russian description now:
However, all is clear from the photo...

Some technical details: SX comparator input using for 4-bit videoADC (160 ns
resolution time), 8x8 pixels logo mask, simple correlation algorithm, up to 16
logotypes can be stored simultaneously, on-screen display up to eight 8x8
symbols plus logo graphics, five control keys.

All is done on SX28, FM24C16 FRAM, CD4053 and LM1881 synchro separator,
all firmware written on Hitech C...

Infrared module with learning capabilities can be added to this design to
remove commercials from the videotape during tape writing or to switch on some
other signal source (CD, DVD, video, etc...) at the commercial break.

Same hardware can be used for different TV on-screen display functions,
real-time analyzing for video fragments (for example, in robotics and security
applications) and more. On SX52 also teletext and VPS detection can be
included, and analyzing area can be expanded up to 16x16 pixels... More
potential applications decribe James Newton at http://www.sxlist.com

NTSC version and english description will come soon, if this design is
potentially interesting...


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