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Thread: SCENIX VIDEO VIRTUAL PERIPHERAL DesignChallengeandContest
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Rich Ottosen wrote:
>I demonstrated the SX doing color and talked about the basics of TV
>video and how the hardware works. Eric demonstrated his SX created
>monochrome character display and talked about how his software works.
>Eric also talked about some of the subtleties of NTSC color.

Hi Rich, good show, looks like you win the prize, too.

As the current resident xperk on video subtleties, maybe you can
help ole Jinx out. He was wanting to remove|overlay|delete an
onerous icon that his local TV station places in an obvious
part of the screen.

Ideally, I guess, he would like to "recognize" the icon, and
then make it blend_in|go_away|etc. Maybe you can comment.
[BTW, J doesn't actually know what an sx is, but just the
same ....].

- danM

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