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> The road into the site where I work has a set of orange LED lights
blinking at
> the pedestrian crossing. Also while driving in Ireland last July I came
> temporary traffic lights for road works which had been done with LEDs.
> lights also had the next symptom of having no power cable to a generator
> which the lamp sets have. It just seemed to sit on a base big enough to
hold a
> car battery and some electronics with a radio link to the other end -
> the changes you can make when the high current parts get removed.

Quite a few traffic lights around here are LED.  You can tell because they
are made up of lots of little dots and appear to go on and off more
suddenly.  I've also seen them a lot recently on truck blinker and running
lights.  Last week I was behind a truck that had two red tail lights
blinking together.  One was LED and the other incandescent.  With the two
next to each other you can really see how much faster the LEDs turn on and
off, even though an incandescent by itself appears pretty much

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Subject (change) LED Traffic lights was Re: [EE] Phase control dimming on a cheap pic

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