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Thread: SCENIX advice
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Hi, hope this is not an annoying question.

I have PIC development stuff and have used
16F84 and 16F877 etc in some hobby and commercial
apps. I use MPLAB for programming, and use the
simulator sometimes.

I am considering going to Scenix for a new
commercial app as it would be nice to have the
higher execution speed. :o) I am currently using
16F84A at 20MHz (5MHz inst). I need 13 IO pins
but a couple more pins wouldn't hurt.
I want flash chips, I can't stand messing with
windowed chips.

* Which Scenix chip is similar size/price?
* Can I still code in MPLAB?
* If not, does Scenix have a IDE/sim?
* Are the Scenix chips reliable/obtainable?
(my firm relies on the PIC for availability etc)
* How stiff is the re-learning? I have limited time.

I have spent an hour browsing the Scenix.com site
but will need a lot more hours before I am ready
to make that decision to start developing on a
whole new family of chips and investing time and
money in new development tools.
I guess some of you SX guys did just what I'm
contemplating, and I really would appreciate a
few tips! :o)

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