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Thread: Infrared Receiver Module - Pinout please!
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Hi Bala, I replace these in VCRs and TVs every
week. Because the exact parts are not always
available, I have to find substitutes.
I have a simple procedure for finding the
correct pins, it always works and never
damages the unit.

Usually the GND pin is the left or middle pin,
looking from the front. Get a +5v DC regulated
supply. Important!

Connect the 5v through a 1k resistor to limit
current if you get the pins wrong. Connect a LED
to +5v and another 1k resistor, the output
pulls the pin low and will light the led.

You need a VCR/TV remote to test it, as it
needs 40kHz modulated infrared.

Just connect the pins in every combination until
it works, takes about 20 seconds. I clip the
GND lead on with a spring clip, and hold the
other two leads in my hands. Very easy.

Bala Chandar wrote:
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