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Thread: Dew Detector Reliability
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Chris Carr wrote:
> In an earlier thread a remark was made that the Dew Detectors fitted to
> VCR's went high resistance over a period of time causing the dew detector to
> come on permanently.
> I took the opportunity to check this with a colleague who repairs VCR's for
> a living and he expressed surprise as he could count the failures of this
> type on the fingers of one hand. As far as he could remember this problem
> only affected ancient recorders such as my Panasonic NV7000 (Duh).
> This got me thinking that perhaps the reliability of these devices is
> affected by climatic conditions and the UK is a benign climate as far as
> these devices is concerned.
> Anyone care to comment ?

You bet! Here in Aust it's pretty common. I have been
fixing VCRs and other devices for many years, and I do
a couple of dew faults a month. Our temperatures
are much higher, especially in a closed TV cabinet with
a large screen TV and a VCR in a room at 32'c.

Humidity commonly around 70%+ in the warmer months.
And your friend is right, this is older VCRs that get
the dew fault. Mainly 10+ years. And 20 years like your
NV7000! Many of the new VCRs just don't have dew sensor,
so you won't see the fault on them! :o)

Did you fix your VCR yet?

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