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Thread: Not use the address but what is inside that address
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>     What I want to do exactly is to have to variables, one with the port I
> want to use (let4s call it "port") and another one with the bit I want to
> read (let4s call it "bit") then use the instruccion btfss.
>     Something like this:
>     porta --> port
>     3 -->    bit
>     btfss    port, bit
>     What should mean btfss porta, 3
>     Is it possible?

If "bit" and "port" are assembler variables, then yes.  No matter how you
may try to disguise it, the register and bit referenced by a BTFSS
instruction are hard coded into the instruction, and therefore must be known
at assembly time.

If you need to dynamically select a register at runtime, use an FSR.  There
are more options for dynamically selecting a bit, most of which require bit
shifting or mask selecting.

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