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Thread: Phase control dimming on a cheap pic
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> >I was lucky to get those - guy the same day bought the whole
> >lot they had in stock to make helmet lamps for cavers and
> >visitors to the glow-worm grottos
> One of my work colleagues here in the UK does this as well, though only for
> himself. He also uses them on his pushbike - provides enough light around dark
> English country lanes to stop you from running into a hedge or off the road. He
> tends to use little switch mode regulators from Maxim to up the voltage so he
> can run them of a single AA battery. He has a small flashlight that he has
> mounted 3 LEDs in instead of the single bulb. The light is brighter than the
> bulb, and the battery draw lower!

Yep, the amount of light is amazing, especially
considering power usage. Perfect home lights,
when the price drops. I can imagine different
"warm" color options, in super-energy efficient
lights that last forever. Uncle Roman's future
prediction. ;o)

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