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Thread: Phase control dimming on a cheap pic
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Jinx wrote:
> On a smaller scale I picked up a new 3V torch
> a few months ago and the bulb lasted about a minute. Only rated
> for 2.4V, thanks very much Mr Manufacturer. Nice and bright it
> was though ;-)  Put 3 white LEDs in, almost as good

Aren't those white leds great? We use the 6000mcd
ones, mount on a stick (piece of stiff bendable
wire) and a NiCd battery. We have two in the
workshops, great for poking down in the guts
of something and putting a *lot* of light on
a tiny part. Good for reading tiny part numbers
without removing the part, and inspecting solder
connections in places the 30x micrscope won't fit.
Darn, now I'm giving away all our secrets! ;o)

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