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Thread: Phase control dimming on a cheap pic
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Jinx wrote:
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Yes. Spots are notorious for blowing often when turned
on, low life and low vibration tolerance. We had them
on the awning for one of our shops and they blew every
few weeks. Try to keep them cool if possible.

For startup, just use a resistor? Why didn't anyone
mention this? I thought it was common knowledge. The
cold filament has a very low resistance, and startups
kill bulbs. A resistor that drops 5% volts at running
will give a very soft start.
230v/60w=261mA, drop 5%=11.5v=44ohms@3w (use 10w or
2x5w). Remember a 5w resistor run at 1.5w will get
quite hot. Keep them away from the bulb.

You will get *huge* bulb life improvement from this.


PS. We had the high efficiency bulbs in a shop, they
blew all the time too. The light fittings were recessed
into the roof, and they got hot. Don't use these
electronic ballast things anywhere they don't have
enough cooling airflow.

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