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robertf wrote:
> I wonder how they correct for
> emmisivity(sp)? Has anyone
> tried doing an accuracy test
> for something like a Kanthal
> furnace?
> What's the max temp on this? I
> have a need to read a target
> that is inside a (glass)clear
> envelope ( also hot) will it
> read the envelope or the
> target?

Mine is a cheaper unit, measures -20c to +260c.

It compensates with an internal temp sensor
against the emissivity of the thing you point
it at. This seems to work well. It may take
3 seconds to compensate when first turned on but
then readings are 0.4 sec.

Checked it against my quality mercury lab
thermometer, seemed within a degree at temps
up to about 70c (heatsinks). Instructions say
+/-3degrees or 3% whichever greater, but the
accuracy I measured was many times greater
than that. Maybe if used in full sun or
something it might be a bit off. In the workshop
it was within a digit, 3 digit display no dp.

I'm very happy with it, pointing it around the
fridge I found lots of carrots at 0c, and one at
8c. My woman was laughing at my confusion, it
was the carrot she put back in the fridge 5 mins
before. Pretty impressive toy (sorry tool!)

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