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Olin wrote:
>> Dave, here is the best advice anybody could ever give someone
>> dipping their feet into PIC programming:
>> 1 - take that simulator disk, and throw it in the can.
>I find the simulator can be very useful at times, especially when writing
>code before the target hardware is available or the emulator components are
>back ordered.

All in all, there are much more efficient ways to do it - set
up a little platform, as I said, for writing/testing. Simulators
are the least efficient.

>> 3 - forget about '877 chips [for a couple of weeks at least].
>Why?  The 877, 876, etc are nice chips and there is nothing wrong with
>learning on them first if that's what you have available.

Why not jump into the deep end with lead weights tied around
your legs your first day at the pool? [same answer to both].

>Much of your advice was sound, but I take exception to presenting your
>personal superstitions as universally aggreed on facts without labeling them
>as such.

Superstitions are advice given "before" field testing, not after.
Experience is not a belief system.

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