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Thread: Timer 0
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Dave Van Horn wrote:
> From everything I've seen so far, the problem is that the timer isn't
>running in real life, but it IS running in the simulator.  Obviously
>there's some hardware stimulus that isn't there in the sim, but I can't see
>why what I've got, would matter to the timer.
>I'm going to search through, and see if I have anything maybe writing to
>option with the wrong bank selected, or writing the wrong thing to option..

Dave, here is the best advice anybody could ever give someone
dipping their feet into PIC programming:

1 - take that simulator disk, and throw it in the can.

2 - setup a small pcb specifically for a 16F84, with an RS232
   port, and a 3-pin machine pin socket for swapping xtals
   and resonators. If possible, add ICSP to the board.

3 - forget about '877 chips [for a couple of weeks at least].

4 - disable the WDT and don't mess with interrupts initially.

5 - work thru all the basic routines and timer ops using small
   programs, and "always" use calls to subroutines for everything
   other than the main loop - ie, code as modules.

6 - start with tiny programs to attack every new operation you
   try, and test, test, test.

7 - once the basic things work as small modules, add complexity
   [interrupts, WDT, bank switching, page switching, etc],
   and integrate the small modules into large programs.

It's just like designing and building hardware.

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