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Thread: Connecting PWM1 -> RC0
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Rodigo wrote:
>Dan Michaels writes:
> > Rodrigo Real wrote:
> >
> > It is not clear what the problem is here. What does +/-300hz
> > signal mean?
> It means the frequency is around 300Hz (it is not changing, if that's what
you are thinking), I expect it were 20KHz, just like the PWM frequency.

If you simply write a loop to poll RC1 [or RC0/RB0 when using
external connections - as you indicated you have already done],
then you should see the 20khz PWM signal on your portB pin.

1 - check that PWM is actually coming out of RC1. This is PWM
   channel **2**, BTW.

2 - maybe you programmed PWM ch#1 instead --> comes out RC2.

3 - simple loop should do it, without any external connections.

L1      btfss   portc,1         ; PWM ch#2 output bit
       bcf     portb,2         ; signal out
       btfsc   portc,1
       bsf     portb,2
       goto    L1

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