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Thread: help please on correct Multiple Interupt handling,
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Olin wrote:
>Or you could implement a priority scheme with the table entries.  For
>entries that have multiple interrupt conditions, just jump to the handler
>for the highest priority one.  In other words 7 entries but only 3 different
>handler routines.

Yeah, this "almost" seems like a clever way to prioritze interrupts:

movwf   INTCON
andlw   0x07
addwf   PCL
goto    test1
goto    test2
goto    test2
goto    test3
goto    test3
goto    test3

It is a "very" fast filter, but it gets extremely unwieldy as
you add more interrupts 8 -> 16 -> 32 -> 64/etc table entries.
To do PIR1 this way, you need a table with 256 entries. Oops,
---> on to the next problem :).

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Subject (change) help please on correct Multiple Interupt handling,

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