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Thread: C++ vs. Visual Basic
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Couldn't resist chiming in...

I am both a PIC programmer (almost exclusively assembler) and a
PC/MAC/Unix/Embedded_x86 C/C++ programmer. I do use VB or Delphi once in a
while for 'quick and dirty' stuff.

I spend a lot of time in all of these environments.

[Historically I can add VAX/VMS, IBM OS/MVS, Data General AOS[/VS], x86
assembly, Fortran, Forth  and many other platforms (even Cobol :-( ).]

As has been said many times before: Horses for Courses.

VB (or Delphi) is an excellent choice for quick user-interface intensive
hacks on the PC side. If you really have to do any crunching, you're much
better off with C++ (although the Pascal based Delphi can come _very_ close
to C++ [it actually uses the same code generator as Borland's C++ Builder]).

In short, I figure that VB/Delphi is appropriate for most programmers that
don't want to commit to the effort/time required to really understand the
underpinnings of Windoze or (X-Window or MacOS or ... for that matter).
It'll generally let you do what you need to do.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(contract development of high performance, high function, low-level

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