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Thread: C++ vs. Visual Basic
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Background: I work full time as a VB programmer, know C, and finally took
a class on C++.

I started microcontrollers on the basic stamp (the first one, before the
second version came out).  I moved from the basic stamp to assembly and C
on the pic for the same reason I use C and C++ on more and more of my
projects - I can't get VB to go fast enough, make small distributions, and
access the hardware easily enough.  VB has other limitations, but as a
hardware guy I am more concerned about those three.  You cannot make a
complete program in VB that fits on one disk (I haven't tried - I suppose
it might be possible to fit msvbxx.dll on a disk with the other runtime
files).  It is practically impossible to access the pc hardware directly
with VB without extra dlls or activex components.  VB is /SLOW/.  As in
molasses-running-uphill-on-a-cold-day type of slow.  Sure, it gets the job
done, and for many/most projects it is fast enough.  And you can't fight
the fact that sometimes development time is more important than run-time

But it was good that I started out with basic and understood its
limitations, and it helps you better understand the windows interface and
how events and messages are dealt with - crucial to using vc effectively.


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