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Thread: SPICE and Simulators
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In order to keep the flame wars about schematic editors going, I'd like to
discuss simulators.  I just ran across a simulator called Visual Spice.  The
price is reasonable, it looks like a professional package, and I'm checking
out a demo.  http://www.islandlogix.com/   Anybody used it?

I've been using a simulator/layout editor from Visionics called EDwin.  It
is a crude DOS port, crashes a lot, and refuses to simulate anything with an
Opamp in it, or anything very complex at all.  I'd gladly retire it, when I
get something better.

I've heard bad stuff about Electronics Workbench, although the demo looked
good last time I tried it out ( > 2 years ago)

I'm using Eagle as my layout package, and it doesn't come with any
simulator.  I've got plenty of access to free SPICE programs, with their
crude text interface that drives me nuts.  I think I've learned it and
forgot how to use text SPICE twice already.  I would rather pay good money
for a graphical schematic capture front-end, thank you.

Any recomendations?

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