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Thread: Cue:Cat barcode wand with PIC and Linux
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>However, this is NOT what I was originally asking about.  I want a barcode
>reader that operates at a moderately constant distance (modulo the thickness
>of a book or so) and moderately constant orientation.  I want a hands-free
>scanner that I can put one book after another under (aligned agains a
>straight edge) and have it read the bar codes while I do nothing but move
>the "products" themselves.  Think of something like a grocery-store scanner,
>but slower...

I think this could be done with a video camera, rotated 90 degrees.
It wouldn't need to be necessarily dead straight either.
Using the hsync as the clock, you could then count the width of the bars
and spaces in terms of scan lines.

This would put a limit on the length of the code that could be displayed.

Otherwise, a linear CCD would be a good choice.

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