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Thread: help please on correct Multiple Interupt handling,
face picon face BY : Olin Lathrop email (remove spam text)

> I am trying to test multiple interupts (T0IF BRIF and INTF)
> I need to=20
>                     btfss    INTCON,TOIF
>                     goto     test_next          ;THIS Doesn't seem very =
> elegant!
>                     goto     toifint                ;handle toif int
> test_next      btfss    INTCON,BRIF    ;test for next
> is there a more elegant way?


   btfsc  intcon, t0if
   goto   toifint
   btfsc  intcon, ...
   goto   ...

> Also after handling (say)toif and clearing toiFlag
> should I jump back and continue testing flags or just RETFIE and if =
> multiple flags were set
> is it ok to then just re-enter as a new inturupt as the other flag would =
> cause it re interupt?

I usually do the latter.  You give up a little efficiency if the two
interrupts happen to come together, but you don't waste cycles every time
when they don't.  It's also just a little less complex, and therefore
maintainable, which is usually more important that a few cycles anyway.

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