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Thread: help please on correct Multiple Interupt handling,
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>I am trying to test multiple interupts (T0IF BRIF and INTF)
>I need to
>                     btfss    INTCON,TOIF
>                     goto     test_next          ;THIS Doesn't seem very
>                     goto     toifint                ;handle toif int
>test_next      btfss    INTCON,BRIF    ;test for next

I never really heard of the computed goto used for interrupt polling.  I
suppose it would be useful if you wanted to go to different routines
depending on multiple flag bits set each time.  If you want to poll for one
single flag bit, though, your way is fine, with one exception:

btfsc INTCON, T0IF  ;  Note that this uses a ZERO, not an "O" in the flag
goto t0ifint
goto rbint

Don't create a label just to test the next bit.  Skip over the goto if the
bit is clear rather than checking for it being set.

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