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Thread: C++ vs. Visual Basic
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Forget this 'C++'.  C++ is a toss, if you ever truly understand all it's
advantages you won't be posting to the piclist about it.  Most of us don't
need C++.  In my brief experience (6 yrs) the best solution is a good plan
and understanding of what you are trying to do.  C++ and microcontrollers
dont mix, end all discussion combining the two here.

Visual Basic for PC 'front ends' is fine, unless you need to stretch the
capabilities of hardware.  Chances are you won't, so for the PC-side of your
PIC project, Visual Basic is fine.

I learnt Visual C++ because it was 'professional', perception only.  I only
use VC++ for 'front ends' also.  You would never use it as the language for
your microcontroller sourcecode.  As for using it in a front end, I spend
most of my time looking through ridiculously compicated descriptions of
classes.  Visual Basic is easier.  VC is more professional but a pain in the

* C for microcontroller
* Visual Basic for PC-based front end (if required)

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