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Thread: pascal string handling
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Ok my Pascal's quite rusty so I don't remember the syntax for doing this
but I can give you a general idea and hope your friend knows how to
implement this.

you can treat the string as a character array to
access each letter depending on the platform you're running on you may
need to change the data type, but a long should be at least 16 bits

so you'll grab the last letter in the string, typecast to a long, shift
it left 8 bits, then typecast the 2nd to the last byte to a byte (from a
char) and add it to the long.

var data:string;
answer := (longint(data[12]) SHL 8) + (byte(data[11]));

if this is wrong its because i've been doing c so long i've forgotten my
pascal :)

hope it helps

Roger Chin

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