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Thread: pascal string handling
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I have sent a controller to somebody that outputs response packets in 12
bytes format, the first 10 are id info consisting of a name to/from and a
designator number in ASCII character codes, and the last two bytes are a
simple binary variable in 16 bit format, lsb then msb..

he is trying to manipulate this string in delphi/pascal of which I have
close to zero knowledge and he has not done this before.

He can see the string in total, simply read as a string and displayed... he
can then see ascii character representations of the last two characters (the
data) but seems unable to find the correct pascal commands to strip these
last two from the twelve byte string and reassemble them as a 16 bit integer...

in BASIC this is trivial, I guess it must be the same in pascal ??

how ?


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