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Thread: C++ vs. Visual Basic
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Hi.  At last a question I can help with!

C++ can be useful but it's primarily designed for larger applications than
what you are doing - large programs with several developers - who may change
as the project develops.  You'll probably be better off starting with C.  It
will probably be simpler, it's a much more standardized language (IIRC C++
is still somewhat "in flux" - more than C at any rate), and you will probably
have an easier time understanding the context and concepts behind it since you
are familiar with Assembly.  C++ requires a different way of looking at the
problem (at least in theory).

Visual Basic makes the user interface easier (it's easier to make "pretty"
programs), but I don't know that it will make the actual hardware
interfacing easier -
you've still got to know how to design/develop/debug a program.  With VBasic
you are also tying yourself *strictly* to the Windows platform.  I'm not
even sure if VB supports DOS anymore!  If you should decide to branch out
to any other operating system (like say - a Unix variant) C (or even C++)
is the
way to go.  Cross platform standards *are* your friend.

In summary - try C, it's probably your best bet.  There is lot of stuff out
there - Borland has free compilers, GNU has free compilers (gcc and g++),
there's a few other companies.  I learned on Borland C++ (I was a CS major
a while - the "core" classes were taught in C++ with Borland on Microsoft
platforms (NT/95) and GNU compilers on the Unix platforms (Solaris and
Linux).  I took a class in VBasic - it was OK (having the IDE do the user
stuff more or less "automagically" was nice) but it produces big, slow,
ugly code that will only run on Windows - and it's expensive.

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