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Thread: Hard disk motor for "Propeller Clock"
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Peter wrote:
> Measure with a DVM. If there are two separate coils it is biphase if
> there are 3 coils and 1 common then it is 3 phase wye. The latter is
> more likely for small drives from portables. The L293 (? I am not sure
> about the numbers anymore - check http://www.st.com who makes them) can drive
> a bipolar motor. For 3 phase you need something else. Jinx's scheme
> may work for you in this case. The best solution is to reverse engineer
> the driver on the HDD board and 'short a wire to ground' as someone else
> has said ;-). However, you do this at your own risk.

> Bala, go to http://www.st.com enter 'L293' in the search window and a
> number of application notes will appear. The fifth is called 'The L297
> stepping motor controller'.
> good luck

Thanks a lot Peter, for your guidance. I will try my luck after checking out
the ST site.

I already have a L293, but I don't know for which particular motor it is
Can someone tell me whether the L293 is useful for a bipolar stepper motor
(like the one removed from a 3.5" floppy drive)?


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