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Thread: Picky I/O
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David VanHorn wrote:
> >
> >I always do tristating like this:
> >
> >clrf PORTB
> >movlw b'00100011'
> >(comment the bits here)
> >movwf TRISB
> This is VERY bad.
> That would make it impossible to work with any single bit, without
> glitching the entire port. I'm astounded if it's really true that you MUST
> glitch the port.

Actually I've never needed to change a pin from input
to output on the fly. I try and avoid that in my hardware
designs. I do drive some unusual loads from the PIC pins
so I get sensitive re pin states. I know a lot of guys
here do it so it is probably ok. I'll just shut up now.

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