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Thread: Observations and questions
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1. I have a 16F84 config  in HS with 3.2768 Mhz Xtal and 2x20pf caps to GND.
I was expecting a reasonably accurate time base but after an 8 hour test was
about 8 secs slow.

That's .03% accuracy.  What's the crystal rated at?  Also, are you sure you
need HS mode?  I don't have the 16F84 data sheet in front of me, but usually
you don't need HS mode until 4 or 8 MHz.

3. What does TTYL, IMHO, FAIK, AFAIK (and any others I may run into) stand

It stands for "I'm too lazy to type a few extra letters and too arrogant to
care that not everyone can remember all the silly abbreviations".  I usually
just skip over this crap when reading, especially if the poster wants
something from me rather than the other way around.  I sorta recall IMHO =
In My Humble Opinion, AFAIK = As Far As I Know, and I don't remember TTYL.

> 5. What does it mean to have an embedded processor?.

An embedded processor is one that is built into something for performing a
particular dedicated task.  The end user doesn't have access to the
processor to run arbitrary programs.

> Is the processor in my washing machine embedded?


> Is the HC11 an embedded processor?

Embedded is defined by use, not by processor type.  However, those
processors like the HC11 and PICs that are designed for embedded
microcontroller use usually don't have the facilities to make them viable
non-embedded computers.

Some of the processors that are designed for general purpose non-embedded
computing can also be used in an embedded way.  One project I worked on used
a Pentium as an embedded processor.  This same machine could have run
Windows, but instead was running a real time control program.  Various
flavors of the Power PC are often used in embedded systems that need
significant horsepower.

> Is the one in my PC embedded?


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