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OK - lets have a quick crack at addressing some of your points.
I have thought over your general comments.

Bill says that he feels my approach was confrontational - not my intention
but sometimes hard to see how one appears to the other person.
I'll try to respond to points you raise without any added "flavouring" -
never possible of course. We are all victims of our :world view" to a
greater or lesser extent.

First off, and bearing in mind Bill's comments on confrontation, I'd like to
make a few frank comments. I'm very happy to exchange comments and respond
to points you raise. You seem to desire objectivity and logic from your
respondents and I'm happy with that. But, you seem to approach this with
less than full objectivity yourself. Maybe it's just my perspective. You
have compared me to other people with whom I have no obvious necessary
similarity, made assumptions about my knowledge of history and  religion,
suggested that I was a "fundamentalist" (whatever that is :-) ),  and more.
You are of course free to take whatever approach you wish but we may both
benefit if there is some initial respect for each other as people - I
suggest that you let me demonstrate to you by my words that I don't deserve
your respect rather than assuming it without certainty :-).

So -

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Date: Monday, 25 December 2000 06:48

>To every thing there is a season,
>  and a time to every purpose...
>Happy Holidays, Russell.

A good easy starting point!
Thanks - wishing you the same.


now - on to harder stuff

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