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Thread: 16F877 draws huge current with minimal design
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Jake  wrote:
 I've tried connecting pin 11
>to +5, 12 to GND; pin 32 to +5, 31 to GND; and both 11 and 32 to +5, 12 and
>31 to GND.  All configurations have the same effect:  The chip draws about
>an amp and heats up.  It really is like there is an internal short between
>pins 11-12 and 32-31.  But I'm quite baffled what would cause such a thing.
>Maybe I unknowingly sparked it, and the surge caused a short of some kind?

Have you tried sticking your ohmmeter across the chip Vdd and
Vss pins - out of circuit?

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Subject (change) 16F877 draws huge current with minimal design

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