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Thread: PIC data via PC parallel port to screen
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BillW wrote:
>Let's see 100,000/.12sec = 833,000/sec
>    720mhz/33 = 21.8 faster
>    21.8 * 2[speedup fudge factor] = 43.6
>    300,000/sec*43.6 = 13,080,000/sec
>    13,080,000/Win98 = 833,000/sec - yep, sounds about right.
Since the parallel IO port is out on
>a "distant" (ISA, after all) chip far from the fast busses (ie memory bus,
>agp bus), it's probably considerably slower than 15ns (66MHz.)

Yeah, I know, but the numbers still look good anyway. I think
that's a good equation - take "anything", divide it by Win98,
and realize a 15:1 slowdown.

Next go around, DOS will cease to exist anyways, and Roman
will have to retire. Me, I'm moving to the Palm - just think
of it like the PC before Windows.

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