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Thread: PIC data via PC parallel port to screen
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At 07:03 PM 12/29/00 +0200, you wrote:
>>I've just tried how fast I can read from my parallel port under Windows
>>98 SE using a driver DLL, I managed 100,000 reads in 120mS - however,
>>this was just sequential reads, no handshaking or waiting for data to
>>become valid. My machine is a Celeron 667 overclocked at 720MHz using
>>EasyTune III.
>Owww... I remember my XT8088 clone did 200,000/sec and 486 with DOS6.x

About 4 years ago, I wrote an assembly program under DOS that could
transfer 300,000 nybbles/sec over the parallel port. It assembled
3 nybbles into 12-bit data on the fly, no handshaking, but did poll
data_valid bit. 486DX-33 [dark ages of clock speed].

Let's see 100,000/.12sec = 833,000/sec
720mhz/33 = 21.8 faster
21.8 * 2[speedup fudge factor] = 43.6
300,000/sec*43.6 = 13,080,000/sec

13,080,000/Win98 = 833,000/sec - yep, sounds about right.

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