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Thread: PIC data via PC parallel port to screen
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> A friend of mine used the WinIo lib with great sucess!
> he didn't have to write any device drivers,
> Get it at
> http://www.internals.com
> (should work on win 95/98/NT/2000)

I took a look at this. It looks great for low-rate access to the ports.
Unfortunately, it won't do too well for major whacking -- path lengths are
too long.

However, this is an excellent skeleton which you can extend.

The existing code performs a transition to ring 0 (Win9x/Me) or calls a
device driver (WinNT/2000) for every port I/O. You could add additional
options to the ring 0 code / device driver to perform much more processing
on one call. For example, you could read an entire scan line in one call,
staying in ring 0 / the device driver until the whole scan line (or N bytes)
has been read.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
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