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Thread: Challenge! (Everyone loves a...)
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Just another idea.

The result of
>        60 x 1,000,000         (conversions for minutes and us)
>rpm = ------------------
>      16 bit timer value

can be in range of 60000000 to 915.5 rpm. If the maximum rpm
fits into 16 bits, you can use your 16 bit division routine
to do that!

Just initialize nominator (dividend) AND remainder with
60*1e6 (0x3938700), and branch to the division loop start:

       clrf y0
       movlw 0x87
       movwf y1
       movlw 0x93
       movwf rem0
       movlw 0x03
       movwf rem1
       jmp divide16by16_loopstart

8 instructions!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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