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Thread: LCD Panel pinout?
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    Hello I was wondering if anybody could help me get the following LCD
panel working (with a PIC of course!). Markings on it:

Seiko I F2426 DA

It has four major chips on it, three SED1600F (segment drivers I think) and
one SED1610F (column driver I think. It has a 12 pin header. 8 of those pins
seem to be routed together so I assume this means it is an 8 bit data bus.
The other 4 pins are a mystery though. I'm sure I might be able to figure
out which two are for power but the other 2 I have no clue, latch perhaps?
Clock? Anyways, any help with this would be most appreciated. I have
searched the web but have come up with nothing. TTYL

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